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What a nice donation experience

In August I donated to my local humane society (San Francisco Aid for Animals). I received two hand written thank you letters in response. A very nice gesture. Makes me want to donate again.


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10 Favorite PC Programs

  1. Everything – desktop search
  2. f.lux – dims screen hues at night
  3. Faststone – screen capture
  4. Webex – teleconferencing
  5. Dropbox – file sharing synced across your computers
  6. Ultramon – adds task bar to extended monitor
  7. Microsoft security essentials – free virus protection
  8. Evernote – note taking software for pc, web, and phone
  9. Chrome – browser that syncs passwords and bookmarks across your computers
  10. Picasa – photo editing
Free except Webex, Faststone and Ultramon.

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